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Verzweifelt versucht Krakus innere Widersprüche aufzulösen und muss dabei scheitern. Durch stoische Drumcomputer und ausufernde Synthesizer wird der Sound einer gleichermaßen verlorenen und privilegierten Generation rekonstruiert. Theatralischer Gesang und hoffnungsvolle Worte sind alles was Krakus dagegenhalten kann. Nichts weiter als eine Farce?

Faira is the folk-experimental project of singer, songwriter and guitarist Sophia Spies (DE). In her melancholy songs, Spies reflects dreamlike and situational encounters with herself and the world, which she always symbolically continues to weave through associative relationships. Through her understanding of songwriting, she creates a powerful imagery that finds its expression through classical and playful arrangements on the guitar in combination with experimental lo-fi elements. Inspired by artists like Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush, Coco Rosie & Sufjan Stevens, Faira draws her very own, intimate version of folk. Her songs seem familiar and yet reassembled. The impulsive voice of the 28-year-old cologne based musician sounds as somber as vulnerable at the same time. In 2013 she self-released the long awaited debut album Φ (phi), which can be regarded as a collection of songs from different phases of the intervening years. The variety found on this work is characterized by the mixture of the more classical, minimal compositions and structures, as well as the free and experimental arrangements. For some pieces, the instrumentation is complemented by synthesizers, violin and drum samples. Since 2016 she performs together with her sister Nathalie Litzner (vocals, violin), Andrew Collberg (drums) and her brother Leonhard Spies (guitar, bass guitar).

Faira - Warm Feet (Official Video)