Etienne Rolin (F/USA) - Conduction / Bassetthorn, Glissotar, Bansuri
Moo Lohkenn - Vocal
Mitch Heinrich - Vocal
Alex de Macedo - E-Guitar, Guitarsynth, Boomwackers
Niklas Nadidai - Piano, Synths
Maik Ollhoff - Drums

Surreal-schweisstreibende Improvisationen, ein preisgekröntes, neuerfundenes Instrument, indischer Raga und Soundpainting-Dirigat (Instant Composing mit fixen Handzeichen des Conductors) finden sich im Kaleidoskop der „Full Moon Edition“
des Jazzclub Ensembles.
Moo Lohkenn, Maik Ollhoff, Alex de Macedo, Mitch Heinrich und Niklas Nadidai treffen auf den us-amerikanisch/französischen Composer-Performer Etienne Rolin zu einem Konzert lunatischer Klänge…

Etienne Rolin
Curriculum Vitae Etienne Rolin (1952) is a French-Americian composer-performer residing in France since 1974 to the present day. His catalogue contains over 1000 works from solo to opera including jazz works for big band. As a composer he has received Commissions from prestigious ensembles in Paris: Ars Nova 2E 2M and Ensemble Intercontemporain directed by Peter Eötvös. Premiers in Paris, Edinburgh, Zagreb international festivals. He has traveled to Asia North and South America and Europe to perform conduct and give lectures on new music, improvisation and the conducting sign language Soundpainting. He has given workshops in Boston, Berlin (UDK) Singapore, Santiago de Chile. As performer on Basset Horn he has been invited to perform in John Zorn’s Cobra at Chicago New music Festival, as well as a 2020 premier Budapest with György Kurtag at the New Music Festival. Over the past 8 years he has perfected the art of Hindustani Raga on the Bansuri flute. As a teacher he taught 33 years at the Bordeaux
Conservatoire on subjects including harmony- analysis, composition, soundpainting, jazz and raga improvisation techniques. His main teachers were Nadia Boulanger Olivier Messiaen Iannis Xenakis and Franco Donatoni. Important improvising contacts with Steve Lacy, Jerry Bergonzi, Vinko Globokar György Kurtag Jr.

Mooh Lohkenn