Ab sofort verwandelt sich das LOCH freitags und samstags in die OFFEN:BAR. Neben klassisch kühlen Drinks begleiten euch schmeichelnde DJ Sets in die Nacht. OFFEN:BARt euch mit uns.

Ata – DJ
Mind Enterprises – live
Ose – DJ

Ata is a DJ and founder of the labels Playhouse, Klang, Ongaku. He also runs the 250-capacity Robert Johnson club in Offenbach, Frankfurt-Am-Main.

Ata started DJing in the late eighties. In 1992 he founded the record shop Delirium with Heiko Schäfer, aka Heiko M/S/O, where he established the labels Ongaku Musik, Klang Elektronik and Playhouse in 1993. Together with Heiko Schäfer and Jörg Henze, he DJed variously as Delirium Posse, Heiko & Ata, Ata & Jörg and Heiko & Jörg.

Beside DJing, Ata founded the first ‘real’ clubnight in Frankfurt for modern house and deep house, the Wild Pitch Club at the Nachtleben-Club. After years of parties he closed the concept and opened the Robert-Johnson 1999. Through the DJ he has booked, his own DJ sets and the club itself, he made the Robert-Johnson to one of the most important clubs worldwide for electronic music.

Mind Enterprises
Mind Enterprises is the aesthetic universe and musical dreamworld of Turin raised producer Andrea Tirone. Born in 1985, Tirone draws from the fizzy, synth-powered Italo that defined the era; groovy, discoadjacent basslines, hypnotic drum patterns and cosmic keyboard odysseys that traverse continents.Through his visual output, which is spiced with tongue-in-cheek humour, Tirone pokes fun at
consumerism and parodies the silliness of the ‘80s. However, taking inspiration from his artist girlfriend’s bold figurative style and his drummer Roberto, “who took a weird fashion turn a few years ago”, he is more than partial to a piece of retro athleisure wear. “The result is often funny, but I am doing it seriously. It’s about trying to cheer people up”.

Anyone following on Instagram will have seen and heard their split screen live streams from London and Gran Canaria covering 80s Italo classics and DJ sets with Roberto on the wheels of steel. Tirone perceives his ever-growing collection of vintage synthesizers like a “palette of colours”, or an orchestra of performers. “Every single machine has a distinctive sound that is exclusively the sound of
that machine”, he says, describing the charity shops in his new home of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as “heaven”, and noting how he has bought “a few things for really stupid prices”, like a vintage 1970s audio mixer. Following a series of singles on Because Music, a collaboration and feature on recent Purple Disco Machine single “Exotica”, and after the massive success of “Never Going Home” by Kungs which sampled “Idol” by Mind Enterprises, Andrea has been working with Kungs writing melodies on the single “Lipstick” released last Oct as well as some more as yet unreleased tracks. A new Mind Enterprises single is due out on Time, Italy’s premier dance music label a part of the legendary Discomagic Empire, in May and with a lot more planned across the Summer release wise including a couple of new remixes to listen out for 2022 also sees Andrea and Roberto taking the Mind Enterprises live experience out on the road across Europe starting in the UK in May supporting the mighty Confidence Man on tour and performing at a number of festivals so keep an eye on the website for tour dates.

OSE hat schon bevor es mit Roni in Wuhan losging mit einem internationalen Komitee aus Drehtellern und Tellerdrehern exakt dort in China nächtelang die Zukunft vorhergesagt. In dieser Zukunft wurde zu Treibendem entspannt und es zu Entspanntem getrieben.

Mind Enterprises
Ata DJ set - Riotvan x Live At Robert Johnson | @Beatport Live